Each area of the Engagio Analytics platform has a Filter section located at the top of the page.

Filter Display Area

The Filter display area allows you to create, edit and view filters that can be applied to your Account List. Filter results are reflected in the display sections below the Filter display area.

Adding and Removing Filters

To add an item you want to assign engagement minutes to, click the "+" button on the bottom of the screen.

To remove an item from being assigned engagement minutes, click the "-" on the right-hand side of an item.

Understanding Fields

We pull in all fields from SFDC and Marketo as well as add our own.

Guide to Engagio Fields

Understanding Operators

Depending on the type of data (text, numbers, dates. etc.), the way you operate that filter can change.

For example, you may want to know what engagement happened between two dates or find activities that begin with the word "webinar".

Common Operators

Equals / Does Not Equal

Anything that is an exact match will meet this filter criterion. If you have multiple criteria, those criteria act like an "or" statement.

For example, if we want to see how much engagement has happened across two different web pages, we could do so like this:

Contains / Does Not Contain

This operator checks if any of the text for that field contains the words in your criteria. This is great for identifying multiple accounts belonging to the same enterprise.

In this way, any account that has Wells Fargo somewhere in the name of the account will show up, so if there are 8 different accounts representing sub-divisions, this takes care of all that.

The 'Ors' and 'Ands' of Filters

Logical Or Filters

Multiple criteria on the same line will be evaluated as a logical "or" condition, meaning if any of the criterion added are met, those accounts will be included. The "Equals" example is a great example of that.

Logical And Filters

To filter by multiple criteria that all need to be met for the results to be shown, simply add more filters. Before something is shown, it has to meet all filters set.