In Engagio Analytics, we can roll up child accounts to their parent accounts if you like.
You can enable this to happen just in the user interface, or have these roll-ups be written to SFDC and used in MQA Calculations.

Two Options

You can use just one of the below options, or use both. It's up to you!

Interested in Leveraging This?

You need to let us know which of the two options below you'd like to use.

Email or hit us up over the Intercom live chat.

Option 1: Roll-ups write Aggregate Sum of Engagement to SFDC and are used for MQA Calculations

When would I want to do this?

If you want us to roll up child accounts engagement minutes and people to the parent account, then write the aggregate sum of our engagement fields to SFDC and use the aggregations when calculating an account's MQA qualification.

This is a more permanent option that impacts key Engagio functionality.

How do I this?

Let us know with the above options, we'll toggle this for you.

What to Expect

SFDC Fields such as Engagement (7 days) and Engagement (3 mo.) will represent the sum of the parent's engagement over that time period as well as all of the children's engagement.

When calculating if an account is an MQA or not, we'll again use the sum of the engagement and engaged people from the parent account and all of its children to identify whether or not it is marketing-qualified.

Option 2: View Rolled-Up Engagement/People in the Engagio App

When would I want to do this?

If you are checking out the people or engagement at an account, and want to see all the people and engagement from it's child accounts, this option is for you.

How do I do this?

When looking at an account list in Analytics, there's a gear in the top right. Click on it.

How do I undo this?

Click the same gear above, then select "Stop Rolling Up Child Accounts".

What will I see?

When looking at a parent account, you'll see people and engagement from child accounts.

In this case, engagement from GE, GE Capital, and GE Digital all display when looking at the parent GE account.

General Things to Consider

❗ The roll-up goes infinitely deep

❗ When Option 1, the "MQA Roll-Up flag" is enabled, we won't show parent engagement numbers in SFDC, the application, or any other place, we'll always show the total aggregate of engagement and people.

I don't fully understand it yet...

No worries, we're here to help! Send us an email at, or use the Intercom live chat within the app!