Identifying the right people at your target accounts is an important beginning step for any Account-Based effort. For most organizations, it's difficult to know just how well you are covered and where the big opportunities exist. 

To help answer those questions, we've partnered with Oceanos to identify the whitespace in your account's contacts and matched leads.

How do I see the Whitespace at my accounts?

Step 1: Check out an account list or account in Engagio's Analytics and Insights product

Step 2: Head over to the "People" tab on the left-hand navigation menu

Step 3: Flip on the Whitespace toggle

Step 4: Try hovering over just a single grid section to see whitespace for just that role

Step 5: Find out who these missing people are, let us introduce you to them:
Click on any grid space when the whitespace data is showing, then click "Make Introduction"

I want to learn more about Oceanos Contact Discovery and Gap Analysis services

Our friends at Oceanos would love to chat with you about your questions and issues, you can get their contact information and more data about these services here: