Engagement describes something fundamental about the customer’s connection to your brand: Higher degrees of engagement mean a deeper commitment. More time. More emotion. More of a relationship. More activity – such as buying and advocating. In short: engagement matters.

Within Engagio we use Engagement Minutes to track the time your target accounts are spending with you. These minutes should cover when they respond to your marketing programs, but also when people interact socially, use your product, and talk with the sales team. By combining these interactions at the individual and account level, you get a good proxy for engagement.

Imagine being able to go to the head of sales to show that target accounts spent 4,289 minutes engaging with marketing activities this quarter, up 122% from only 1,932 last quarter. And imagine being able to drill into the data to show the specific sales territories, industry segments, and personas with the biggest growth. This is certainly a sign that things in the middle of the funnel are progressing in the right direction!

With this insight, you can identify Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQA's). You want to identify which are the most engaged accounts and alert sales about any accounts whose engagement is spiking up or down versus their recent trend.

At Engagio, we think that account-level engagement is a better indicator of potential buying activity than individual lead scores which is why we use Engagement Minutes.