This Is Team Work!

Bring a small team of stakeholders/decision-makers from your Sales and Marketing teams together to agree upon how engagement minutes will be assigned. This is a key process that needs to happen before your organization is ready to make business-level decisions around engagement data, such as how to prioritize the hottest accounts (MQAs), and so on. You'll only have to set it up once at the beginning of your onboarding, then review it semi-annually.

Understand Each Group

Read about each group on the Admin > Engagement screen.

Do an Audit of your Current Engagement

We find this to be a really helpful exercise and have created a step-by-step video of how we do it here at Engagio

Everything is Additive

If an item meets multiple conditions, the engagement minutes attributed for that particular item all add together. Be careful not to assign duplicate engagement minutes. Below is how we have our own Engagement minute rules set up for known page visits:

In the example above:

  • Any page that contains "unsubscribe" in the URL would get 0 minutes
  • Any page at all would get 1 minute (still from the first rule)
  • Any page that contains "/features" would get an additional two minutes (3 total)
  • Any page that contains "" would get an additional four minutes or five total minutes.

Does your brain hurt now? πŸ€•

Sorry about that, we'll be happy to help you figure out what makes sense for you, send us a note via chat, email, or Slack.

Engagement Minutes Update Retroactively

When you update how engagement minutes are assigned, your reports in Engagio will automatically update. Engagement minutes will be assigned retroactively per the new rules specified on the Admin > Engagement screen.

Check Your Work

  1. Go to the Engagement report and scroll down to the table view at the bottom of the page. Look at the Type, Details, and Engagement Minute columns.
    πŸ‘Œ Make sure you're not double counting engagement minutes.
  2. Go to Admin > Engagement.
    πŸ‘Œ Look at each item and section line by line, make sure you aren't missing anything.