If you haven't yet, start by reading through our Best Practices for Engagment Minutes document.

Engagement Minutes Best Practices

If you've read that document, and still aren't totally clear on what to do (or you just LOVE ❤ my writing style and want to read this for fun) - this should help get you started.


Page Visits (Anonymous) 

  • Generally do NOT include: "Careers" "Unsubscribe" "Login"
  • Generally weight higher: "Features" "Pricing" "Demo Request" "Contact Us"
  • Generally weight highest: Landing page URLs for high value content

Visit Web Page (Known), Page View, Page Visit

• Apply the same logic as page visits (anonymous)

Open Sales Email

  • Generally regarded as an outbound metric
  • For that reason, assign minimal engagement (0.1 minute)

Marketing Email

  • Same as Open Sales Email

Engagio Email Open

• Same as Open Sales Email

Inbound Email

  • 1 minute
  • Generally do NOT include: "Out of office" "OOO" "test"
  • Actual Minutes



  • Instead of is has responded, select is:
  • "Attended"
  • "Registered"
  • "Engaged"
  • Other Criteria


  • Contains “Ad Title”
  • Status “is” Clicked


  • Use similar criteria as Webinar to denote higher engagement types like scanned, etc.

Salesforce Activities

Generally regarded as Outbound Measurement rather than inbound Engagement


  • 0.1 Minutes
  • This allows us to track the event happened without inflating engagement


  • Does not contain: "Wrong Number" "No Connect" "VM, voicemail"
  • Assign 1 Minute


  • C-level = 200%
  • VP = 150%
  • Director = 100%
  • Manager = 100%
  • Other = 100%
  • Consider your Ideal Customer Profile and weight accordingly