Once you get to the Engagement screen, you can customize exactly how you measure Engagement in Engagio.

Default values for Engagement Minutes are assigned out of the box but can be modified based on your company's specific requirements.

Engagement Minutes settings are grouped in categories:

  • Activities - Basic interactions tracked and recorded by your marketing automation tools and Engagio
  • Programs - These are the different channels people interact with you on (Webinar, Tradeshow, Web Content, etc.).
  • Salesforce Campaigns - Engagement minutes for types of SFDC campaigns
  • Salesforce Activities - Engagement minutes for particular activities recorded in SFDC
  • Interesting Moments - Marketo-only feature allows you to flexibly define or group different activities into an "interesting moment."
  • Leveling - Assign multipliers based on roles. For example, each C-Level engagement minute is recorded as two).

General Activities

Activities come from your marketing automation system (Marketo, Eloqua, etc.).

The current activities we track are:

Page Visits (Anonymous) - Any web visit that matches to an account Engagio is tracking, but we don't know who that person is. This is NOT all web traffic like Google Analytics.

Engagio Email Open - If someone opens an email sent from Engagio or with the Engagio tracking pixel (for Non-Marketo customers using our pixel)

General Activities - Marketo

Click Email - If someone clicks a link in your email (Marketo only)

Click Link - If someone clicks a link on your web page (Marketo only)

Fill Out Form - If someone fills out a form on your website (Marketo only)

Marketing Open Email - If someone opens your email sent from Marketo as part of a Marketo campaign.

Open Sales Email - If someone opens an email that comes from Marketo Sales Insight or the Outlook add-in. These are generally more customized.

Page Visits (Known) - Any web visit that we can associate with a specific lead or contact using website cookies or other means. (Marketo Only)

General Activities - Email

Inbound Email - After you connect Engagio to your email client, you can assign engagement on emails you receive from target accounts in your inbox.

Meeting Attendance - After you connect Engagio to your email client, we'll automatically pull in meetings with people at target accounts

General Activities - HubSpot

HubSpot Email Open - Email sent from HubSpot was opened

HubSpot Email Click - A link in an email sent from HubSpot was clicked on

HubSpot Email Forward - An email sent from HubSpot was forwarded to someone.

HubSpot Email Print - Email sent from HubSpot was printed (that still happens?)

Form Submit - When a user submits a form being tracked by HubSpot

General Activities - Eloqua

Eloqua Email Open - Triggered anytime someone opens an email sent with Eloqua

Email Clickthrough - When someone clicks a link in an Eloqua sent email

Form Submit - When a user submits a form being tracked by Eloqua

Page View - Eloqua only way of tracking who views what pages

General Activities - Pardot

We sync to numerous activities in Pardot, most of which can be found on Pardot's "Activity Glossary"

Activities synced over include: 

Page View, Email Open, Email Click, Registered for Webinar, Attended Webinar, Email Click (Third Party), Form Success, Event Registered, Event Checked In, Pardot Click, View File, View Form, View Landing Page, Landing Page Success, Video View, Video Conversion, Video View Watched (>75% Watched), Search, Social Post Click.


Programs come from your Marketo instance. Engagement can be assigned based on the program channel.

Only successes/responses in these programs/campaigns count toward engagement.

You won't be able to add a program until a success has occurred.

Salesforce Campaigns

When an SFDC campaign has at least one response, you are able to pull that campaign into Engagio and assign engagement minutes to it.

❗ Avoiding Duplication❗
If a Marketo program is synced to SFDC as an SFDC campaign, then we'll ignore the linked SFDC campaign and only use the engagement rules for the Marketo program so as to not double count the engagement minutes. We detect this automatically.

Salesforce Activities

Activities are typically logged by an SDR, they encompass things that usually can't be tracked automatically including phone calls, special meetings, LinkedIn communication, and more.

Activities are associated with a lead, contact, or account. Activities with leads and contacts will automatically be pushed up to the account in Engagio.

SFDC documentation for Salesforce Activities

How Activities are Grouped

Activities are associated with contacts, leads, or accounts. Engagio groups these activities based upon the "activity type" field within Salesforce. Ex: Meeting, Call, Email, etc. 

Use of a custom field is possible; however, it takes customization on Engagio's end. If you elect to use a field of your choice, please reach out to your CSM or submit a support ticket, either in-app or by emailing support@engagio.com

Please note, when using a custom field for grouping you are unable to also utilize the "activity type" field. 

❗ Note: We show only the top 30 most popular groupings, if it's not in the top 30, use the "All Others" grouping (i.e. All Others Contains "Meeting: "). If an "activity type" falls out of the top 30, there is no need to update your rule; furthermore, no data will be lost. 

Using "All Others" grouping

For Salesforce Activities that cannot be assigned to a group, we put them in the "All Others" grouping.

We recommend using the "Contains" operator like the image below to identify the activities of interest.


Interesting Moments

Interesting Moments are a flexible Marketo structure for capturing activity.

Interesting moments are triggered based on the conditions you set in Marketo.

When an Interesting Moment is triggered, we assign engagement minutes to it for that account.

How are Interesting Moments grouped?
Our application is designed to group moments by the "Description" of the moment. We have the default groupings Marketo has in Engagio such as "Filled out Form" and "Attended Webinar" as types, where the filter criteria would then be whatever comes after the "Filled out Form" part.

Beyond those default groupings, we then try and split descriptions based on if they have a ":" in them. A moment with a description of "Tradeshow: AwesomeConf 2019" would have a "type" on the left hand side of "Tradeshow" and the filterable criteria on the right-hand side would be "AwesomeConf 2019".

If there is no colon in the "Description" field and the description does not start with an out-of-the-box grouping, it would be in the "All Others" bucket and you could assign minutes to it that way.

The Marketo "Type" field on the Interesting Moment does not come into Engagio's weighting on Engagement Minutes.

Marketo Documentation for Interesting Moments


This is a pretty big topic so we made an entire article just for it