The Activities area displays the individual activities contained within the Trend and Heatmap areas above. Additional information on customizing table views is described in the Table Views section of this guide.

Grouping by Engagement

Let’s say you want to see all of the CxO people from target accounts who have engaged in a webinar. Filtering, then grouping by "People" is a new, powerful way to get at that data.

Step 1: Filter

Step 2: Group by 

You can choose Person, Activity or Account. Each row would roll up based on that grouping. This gives you new capabilities to find the specific people you need.

What else can this thing do?

Show me Brett’s accounts where someone visited the pricing page
[filter: Details Contains “pricing”, group by: "People"]

Show me target accounts where we held a meeting last month
[filter: Type Equals “Meeting Attendance”, group by: "Accounts"]

Show me Tier 1 accounts with more than 10 minutes and less than 60 minutes of total engagement during Q4
[filter: Engagement Between 30 to 60, group by: "Accounts"]