This article is about setting up your engagement minute attribution.

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Getting there

Admins can check out the Engagement Minutes tab on the Admin screen.

From there, use the dropdown to select which set of Engagement Minutes you'd like to edit.

Check out our Engagement Types and Weighting article for more information on each section.

Adding and Removing Engagement Items

To add an item you want to assign engagement minutes to, click the Add Trigger...button on the bottom of the screen.

To remove an item from being assigned engagement minutes, click the "-" on the right-hand side of an item.

Identifying the Types, Groups, Channels, etc. 

We highly recommend consulting our Engagement Types documentation for specific information on each grouping.

In general, we pull in the available channels and programs from Marketo, SFDC, etc. instantly so you can access the latest changes.

The one caveat to that is for certain campaigns and programs, we only pull them in once they'd had a success.

This means when you create a new SFDC campaign, you won't be able to assign engagement minutes to it until you've had a success.

Using the Operators

Any Value or All

Anything within that program/channel/type will be assigned those Engagement minutes

Contains / Does Not Contain

When you use the Contains operator, you can include multiple pieces of criteria

Is / Is Not

Using the Is/Is Not operator allows you to specify exactly one piece of criteria