Engagio allows administrators to assign weighting or "Leveling" to minutes assigned based on person title. For example, Engagement Minutes from a CEO might be considered more significant, so you might wish to assign a Leveling multiple to reflect the additional value. You can also pull in your own personas or other account or people fields and add your own custom filters.

How do I get there?

Administrators can go to the Engagement Minutes section of the Admin page. Once there, select Weighting at the bottom of the dropdown that's at the top of the page.


Adjusting the Percentage

For each field value you call out, you'll set a percentage weight of the original engagement minutes. For example, if you set anyone that has a role value equal to "CXO" to be 200%, they would get twice the amount of engagement minutes per activity. Setting it to be 50% for a particular field would result in half the amount of engagement.

Adding specific fields to weight by

We default to weighting by the Role field we create based off of a person's title. If you'd like to add your own fields to assign a weighting by, click the Add Field button on the bottom of the page.


These fields can be from a person or account. After selecting the field, choose the value you want to explicitly adjust and the weighting it should have.

This feature is still very much in "beta" mode. It works only when there are 7 possible values the field could have. This isn't permanent at all, but we know many of you would rather have the ability to do this a bit, then not at all.

I don't want ____ to count towards engagement

Setting a percentage weighting to 0% would mean that no engagement minutes would be assigned, which would mean that the engagement itself would not show up in Engagio (since it's not contributing to anything, we don't clutter things up).

This can be most helpful if you want to filter out types of people or accounts you know you don't care about (i.e Students, Interns, Sales disqualified, etc.)