The Web Traffic section displays web visit information by total Page Views and Unique Visitors for the currently selected list of Accounts. Access this section by clicking Engagement | Web Traffic in the main navigation section.

Web Traffic Terms Definition

Page Views - This is the total number of views that have come from accounts in your account list. This is NOT your total page views like Google Analytics might provide, it's page views from target accounts only.

Unique Visitors - This represents how many people have come to your site for the very first time.

Web Traffic (3 months) - (Column in Table view) Currently limited to always being a 3 month count (from today) of page views, this represents both anonymous and known users from your target accounts.

Web Visits - (Column in Table view) Represents the total number of page views for your chosen time period.

Good Things to Note

❗ In the table view for Web Traffic, the web traffic field below always shows data for the past 3 months regardless of the date range chosen.

❗ We only show data since you installed our tracking pixel and completed the other tasks needed to get started with Analytics. If you just did that last week, we won't be able to show you data for the past 3 months simply because we don't have it.

FAQ about how Anonymous Web Traffic Actually Works

Here's the precise process:

  1. Look up the IP Address to get information about who owns that IP address, this points to a website domain. We use a 3rd party service to go from the IP address to the website domain.
  2. Find an account with a matching website domain (see below)
  3. Add a cookie to the browser so we know how many unique anonymous page visits are occurring (cookie does NOT capture any information, it just keeps track of if it's the first time or subsequent time on your site)
  4. We assign engagement minutes to anon page visits as you specify

Does Engagio infer geographic location from the IP Address?

No, if there are duplicate accounts (with the same website), anonymous visits are linked to the first matching account we see.

What is the Account Domain Matching process?

We consider a combination of 4 data points in trying to determine the most accurate domain to associated with each account.

  1. Website field in Salesforce
  2. Email address domain of Contacts on the Account in Salesforce
  3. We call out to a data partner (KickFire) asking their view on the domain, based on the Account Name
  4. We do a web search for the Account Name and consider the website that's the first search result

The Website field in Salesforce is given the highest weight - however, if it's absent for an account, in many cases we're able to deduce the domain based on an agreement among the other three data points.

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