The Engagement Trend shows Engagement Minutes over the period selected in the timeframe drop-down in the top-right corner of the screen. The default time frame is Last 3 Months.

Hovering the mouse pointer over the Engagement Trend line will display the Top Accounts and Top Activities for that data point.

Things you can do here

Change the time frame (red arrow):
Select what dates you'd like to see engagement for, you can choose a custom range or any custom range you'd like too.

Change the time period (blue arrow):
This changes the precision or number of ticks in the graph, you can get engagement metrics by day, week, or month.

Show different types of trends (purple arrow): 👌 Coolest Thing👌
Change from "Default" to "Group", once you do that, you can group by any Engagio field (account, person, engagement).

Pro Tip: Apply a filter for an engagement type (Form Fill Outs) and then group the trend chart by role to see who fills out your forms the most!

Curious About what the various icons on the Trend Map mean? Check this article out.