You love checking Salesforce to find out how much time contacts and accounts are spending engaged with your content. All of that is fun, but you’re already running plays against those contacts. What about your leads? Aren't they engaging, too? 

Step 1: Get your Salesforce Admin ❗ 

Step 2: Navigate to Setup

Step 3: In the Setup Quick Find Bar, enter “Accounts”

Step 4: In the left column, select “Page Layouts”

Step 5: Select the page layout you’d like to edit

Step 6: Scroll to the Engagio Matched Leads Section

Step 7: Click the Wrench Icon

Step 8: Using the Available Fields Column, find “Engagement Minutes (7 Days)” and “Engagement Minutes (3 mo.)”

Step 9: Click “OK”

Step 10: Click Save (see the arrow in step 4)

See new leads engage away! 😎