You love checking Salesforce to find out how much time contacts and accounts are spending engaged with your content. What about your leads? Aren't they engaging, too? 

Step 1: Get your Salesforce Admin ❗ 

Step 2: Navigate to Setup

Step 3: In the Setup Quick Find Bar, enter “Accounts”

Step 4: In the left column, select “Page Layouts”

Step 5: Select the page layout you’d like to edit

Step 6: Scroll to the Engagio Matched Leads Section

Step 7: Click the Wrench Icon

Step 8: Using the Available Fields Column, find “Engagement Minutes (7 Days)” and “Engagement Minutes (3 mo.)”

Step 9: Click “OK”

Step 10: Click Save (see the arrow in step 4)

See new leads engage away! 😎