A Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) is a target account that has reached a defined threshold of engagement. Engagio allows you to edit the definition of an MQA by changing values in the MQA Rules section of the Admin area, find more here. Once an Account reaches MQA status, you can set up a workflow in Salesforce to send MQA Alerts to your Account Owner. Watch this video tutorial for details on setting up MQA Alerts:

The Engagio MQA section shows the trend of Accounts converting to MQA status over time in the top section and the number of Accounts in this list grouped by Engagio Account Status in the funnel view. Access this area by clicking Engagement | MQAs in the main navigation section.


Engagio Account Status Definitions

  • No Engagement: Account has zero engagement in the past 3 months --zip, nada
  • Aware: Account has some engagement in the last 3 months, falling in between No Engagement and MQA status
  • MQA: Account has reached MQA status based on the MQA Rules threshold
  • Open Opportunity: Account has at least one Open Opportunity in Salesforce

What makes an Open Opportunity?

Open vs. Closed opportunities is something that's configured in Salesforce as part of your opportunity stage progression. By default, the opportunity stages of "Closed/Won" and "Closed/Lost" are counted as "Closed" and other opportunity stages are counted as "Open", but this is configurable as part of your Salesforce set-up. So, defining what counts as closed vs. open is not done within Engagio, but rather is done within Salesforce.

Can an Account be in more than one Status?

No, we'll instead pick the highest possible tier that account meets.

For example, if an account is an MQA and has an Open Opportunity, it's status will be Open Opportunity.

What happens when the opportunity is closed?

An account will go back to "MQA", "Aware", or "No Engagement".

I want to get more specific than this

Go for it, a lot of our customers take our Engagio Account Status field as a base field that triggers changes to their own version of the "Account Status" field.

Perhaps once an account becomes an MQA, you never want the status to change until you manually change it, or perhaps you'd like to handle what happens after an open opportunity closes.

Use our field as a base field that could be hidden from page layouts, but triggering or being reflected in your own account status field.