How do we match?

As soon as you create an account list, we start performing lead to account (L2A) matching. It's working all the time in the background, powering your account based analytics and everything else.

We automatically match leads to accounts and populate our custom "Matched Accounts" fields in Salesforce. You can optionally convert your Lead records to Contact records associated with the Matched Account.

You can report on the effectiveness of our lead to account matching with our Lead Matching report.

When do we match?

Lead to Account matching takes place every 5 minutes within SFDC (meaning the "Engagio Matched Account" field on the Lead will be populated in 5 minutes.)

Newly created Leads and updates are made available inside the Engagio application each night after our nightly sync and refresh takes place.

How exactly does matching work?

Engagio considers company name and email when matching a lead to an account.

In addition, geographic fields (country, state/region, city, postal code) are used for tie-breaking when there are multiple equally good matches based on company name and email.

We compare the company name on the lead with the account name, performing "fuzzy matching" to normalize variations in how names are entered. For example, Engagio recognizes that "Microsoft Corporation, Inc." and "Microsoft" are the same company.

For email addresses, we compare the email domain on the lead with the company website from the account. Additionally, we apply 2 corrections to improve data quality. (1) We use a 3rd party API to identify cases when a company uses a different domain name for their email addresses as they do for their website. (2) We use a variety of APIs and data sources to detect when the company website, as entered in Salesforce, is incorrect, and use the correct website when we're able to determine it.

The prioritization / tie-breaker rules when there are multiple matches work as follows:

  1. When there's both a company name match AND an e-mail match to the same account, that has the highest priority.
  2. A company name match alone (without an e-mail match) has second priority.
  3. An e-mail match (without a company name match) has third priority.

If, and only if, there are multiple accounts that match to a given lead with the same priority, then one is selected based on the best geographic match. The quality of a geographic match depends on how far down the geographic hierarchy a match exists: Country < State/Region < City < Postal Code. When performing a geographic match, we understand that different spellings resolve to the same country or state (example: United Kingdom vs. the UK).

Why isn't a specific lead matched?

For us to do our lead to account matching:

  • The account needs to belong to an account list
  • The user syncing Engagio and SFDC together will need to have access (visibility) to that lead
  • To convert to a contact, the lead owner cannot be a queue, it must have an explicit owner.

Think you're an expert? Take our L2A quiz!

Lead to Account Matching can oftentimes be a confusing topic. We created a website you all can use to see if a lead will match to an account - it will tell you if it matches or not and why:

As always, if you have any questions about L2A or any other Engagio related question, we'd love to help!