How does this Action work?

When the Marketo Campaign action is processed, we'll make a request to Marketo to run the specified smart campaign with the leads you choose.

Your Marketo Smart Campaign must have the "Campaign is Requested" trigger configured to be "Source -> Is -> Web Service API".

Engagio syncs your smart campaigns that include the smart list "Campaign is Requested" trigger nightly as well as on demand with the "Refresh" button when using the Action.

Setting up your Marketo Campaign

Step 1: Create a new Smart Campaign or find an existing one you'd like to update.

Step 2: Update the Smart List configuration to include the "Campaign is Requested" trigger and set the Source to "Is -> Web Service API"

Cool things you can do with this Action

  • Start ABM ad campaign
  • Trigger direct mail package send via a provider such as Sendoso
  • Send an email alert
  • Send a handwritten letter via a provider such as LetterFriend
  • Pause marketing nurturing
  • Change data value or program status