The High-Level View

Step 1: Identify Account Segment for your Play

While you may truly want a generic play to be launched every time an account becomes an MQA, no matter what, we've found segmenting our accounts helps us scale more effectively.

You could segment by:

  • Account Executive
  • Account Tier / Funnel
  • Account Type / Industry
  • Geography (U.S. vs U.K. vs Japan)
  • BDR / SDR / ADR / xDR

Step 2: Set up your Salesforce Report

Plays are automatically triggered when an account is or becomes part of an SFDC report. As such, let's create our report!

First, create an "Accounts" report in SFDC, it does need to be a report of justaccounts.

Second, add a filter for "Engagio Status = MQA"

Last, set up other filters to do your segmenting from above

Here's a quick example:

Step 3: Create the Play

The Big Question
When the account becomes marketing qualified, what should happen? Who should you reach out to at the account and how should the reaching out be done?

Need an Example?
We have a fully fleshed out MQA play you can check out in our official Engagio Playbook, it's on page 43. Better yet, if you send us a message, we'll even add the pre-built MQA play to your instance for you so you can just tweak it and go!

Things to Consider

  • Name your play based on the segment
  • Use the segmenting above to your advantage - if you segmented by account exec., then put them in the play directly as the play owner.
  • Picking the players will be the first thing you do when the play is automatically started, as such, we recommend having robust target people on "Their Team" so you don't have to change a lot for every account.
  • A step in the Play can be to start other plays as needed (i.e. they also have a sales ops director so we can start a special play to that specific person)

Step 4: Make the magic happen ✨

We'll want to auto-trigger the play to start when an account is added to the report.

We put this thorough walkthrough together on how to do exactly that:

Auto-Launching Plays

Once enabled, any account added to that report will have a play started for it.

Step 5: Your Thoughts

Did we miss anything in this guide? Do you have any cool things you already do? We'd love to hear it so we can help everyone become more successful. Just put it in the Intercom chat!