Now that your team is up and running in Engagio's Playmaker platform, you want to optimize their efficiency by continuing to provide tools to save time in their daily activities- especially the monotonous task of 'smiling and dialing.'

Click to call providers can be instrumental in shaving seconds off of each number that needs to be dialed in a day, meaning your reps have more opportunity to connect each day by using one, but you already knew that, and that's why you're here!

We've been testing a few C2C software options ourselves - and have come to this conclusion: Any extension that operates within your web browser (we suggest Chrome) and has 'telephone number recognition capabilities' should work just fine.

Here is a shortlist of options that we've tested and we know work well:

Once you have installed the Chrome Extension for a provider, it should sync with Engagio, and give your team the ability to click and call away- saving them minutes every day!