Scout is a Google Chrome Extension

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

Why use Scout?

  • Account and People insights on any web page you're looking at
  • Customizable charts and helpful context directly on Salesforce accounts

Overview of Features

Within Salesforce

  • Contextual Engagement Trend Graph
  • Engagement Heatmap (configurable)

Within LinkedIn

  • Add new leads to SFDC with just a few clicks
  • Get account insights without leaving the page

Within Gmail

  • Insert saved text snippets into your email body
  • Get account insights without leaving the page

People Management

  • See who is most engaged at an account
  • View and Edit Person Details (updates in SFDC)

Account Dashboard

  • Details around account engagement, people engaged, open opps,
  • Quickly see a list of most important CRM fields (configurable)
  • Find the latest news about an account

Account Plan

  • Orchestrate your plan of attack to get into the account
  • Record latest call details
  • Share valuable insights learned or competitive intel

Communication History

  • See all past emails and meetings with an account
  • Click into the email body for context or lock specific threads
  • Security configurations to meet your teams needs

Check out our video:

3 Cool Ways to Use Scout in 3 Minutes