There are two types of Extension Settings:
1. Personal Settings
2. Instance-Wide Settings

Personal Settings

To change, right-click the Engagio icon on the right-hand side of the browser or right-click the icon in the Extensions menu next to the URL, then select "Options"

Show the Scout "tab"
Hides Engagio icon on the right-hand side

❗ Hiding the Scout tab makes you unable to open Scout for anything else

Engagement Chart Locations
Engagement Charts show up on an account page in Salesforce. We default it to be at the top of the page. You can change it to be after any other section on that page

Show the Highlights / Heatmap / Activity Table
When un-toggled, we'll stop adding the given section to your Salesforce accounts

Show on Opportunities
Will allow the Engagio inserts to show up on the opportunity object

Instance-wide Settings that can be Changed

To change instance-wide settings, head to

Enable Scout tab in browser
Un-toggling this will hide the Scout tab on the right-hand side of the browser. This would make the team unable to open Scout, but they could still benefit from the charts/heatmaps in Salesforce

Enable Communication History
Un-toggling this will hide all communication history with accounts or people, users will no longer see the communication history button in Scout.

Scout Profile Field Mapping
While Engagio will try it's best to provide a prospect's profile picture, twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile, if you have your own data you'd like to use, explicitly specify the field we should use instead.