What People are on this list?

  • Contacts at the account
  • Leads matched to the account via our Lead to Account Matching
  • Leads can come from Salesforce, but also Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, etc.

Getting Details about People

Click on a person to view the details:

Once there, your screen will look like this:

Updating Salesforce Values

When looking at an individual person, click the Pencil icon

Click on a field value to change it in Salesforce

❗ Some fields can't be updated: multi-select fields, SFDC system fields, and others that have validation or other rules may not be able to be updated.
❗ It's also possible that the Salesforce user syncing Engagio and Salesforce together doesn't have permission to write to or edit specific fields in Salesforce

Changing Highlighted Fields

Quick Actions

Right-click on a Person's name to reveal the quick action menu.

Show Profile - Bring up the overview of this specific person

Edit Data - Jump into editing the Salesforce data values for this person

Re-match Lead - Have this person show up under a different account

Un-match Lead to Account - Remove this person from this account and don't add them to any other account. There isn't a way to undo this in Scout.

No Longer with Company - Marks them as "No Longer with Company" in Engagio only, it does NOT push to Salesforce. (If you want to update Salesforce, you can edit the data value for this)

Adding New People

👌 You do need to populate all details to be able to add someone.

👌 People are added as Leads with the "Company" field set to be the account name.

Grouping People

💡 Group by Custom Field -> Phone Number or any other attribute you want to see right on the people list