Salesforce Link: Accounts in Engagio are based on Salesforce reports, clicking the SFDC cloud logo will take you to the account in Salesforce
Logo and LinkedIn Link: We try and augment these for you with Clearbit, a 3rd party data provider
SFDC Field: You can configure the top field value shown, we chose "Funnel"

Customizable Account Fields

You can customize the most relevant fields here, this impacts everyone using Engagio.

Headquarters uses the address in Salesforce for the account

Most Engaged People

Salesforce Detail

We'll show values from Salesforce here, clicking on a value will edit it in Salesforce.

You can customize what fields we show here, see "Updating Salesforce Values" in the People Management guide for more details.

Engagement Breakdowns, Most Engaged People

People Coverage

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