On the Lead Matching Report, admins can view which leads matched or didn't match to a given account, view your match rate for a given segment of leads, convert leads to contacts, or retry populating the "Matched Account" fields in Salesforce.

How does Lead to Account Matching work?

Glad you asked, we have a whole article about just that.

Comparing Match Results and Match Rates

The leads and match rate on the page consider leads that were created within the date range specified on the top of the page.

You can filter the leads shown by any lead field or account field, this is great to see which percentage of your MQLs are getting matched to accounts, etc.

Identifying Writeback Failures

You can filter by match resolution by using the filter above the table. One of the best filter options is to look at Errors that have occurred. The "Notes" column will display the error messages we received from Salesforce when trying to write back to or convert your leads.

Filter Status

Actions Available

Unmatch Leads
Will remove selected leads from the accounts they are currently at. Great for removing junk leads from a given account.

Convert to Contact
Convert selected leads into contacts at the account they have been matched to. This is very much a one-way, "no undo" operation in Salesforce and as such, it has a lot of confirmation steps to make sure you really want to do this.

Retry Match
We'll retry matching selected leads to see if they match to a different set of accounts than they initially did. Important to know: We'll use the same lead to account matching algorithm when retrying each time, clicking multiple times will have no impact.

Retry Writeback to Salesforce
If there was a workflow rule or field validation rule that caused our writeback to fail initially, you can retry the writeback of the "Matched Account" field. Our support team can help you here if you're seeing discrepancies.