Admins can turn this feature on or off on this page. This feature is on by default.

For every Engagio user who is also a Salesforce user (with identical e-mail address) who owns accounts (using the standard Account Owner field), an account list will be automatically created containing that user's owned accounts. This can also be done for any other ownership field on the account! (See below for more details)

The user will be initially subscribed to receive a weekly email snapshot for the account list, but they can unsubscribe if they wish.

When do these account lists update?

Every night during our sync, we review each account owner's accounts to keep it always up to date.

I want my BDR / SDR / CS team to also have account lists automatically created.

Awesome! We can make that happen. We can support any "User Lookup" field on the account object. Simply select which lookup field you'd like to create lists from in the dropdown, and you're good to go!