Enable Auto-Create Account Lists

Engagio can automatically make and update account lists for your users based on accounts they are attached to. Each night, we check if a user is on the account in any of the fields specified below, and if they are, we'll add those accounts to their list.

For account lists to populate as expected, a user's email address in Engagio must match their email address in Salesforce.

Fields we recommend including are the Account Owner (Owner Id field), BDR/SDR Owner field, Assigned CSM field, and any other user fields related to the account that would benefit from understanding their account's marketing engagement.

This feature is on by default. Admins can turn it off by switching the toggle to "Don't Create" under Settings -> Analytics -> Auto-Create Account Lists.

Configure Snapshot Subscriptions

Users will be subscribed to receive the weekly Account List Snapshot email by default. They can unsubscribe themselves by heading over to the Settings -> My Profile -> Subscriptions page.

To subscribe the user to the Sales Development Representative, Account Executive, or Marketing snapshot email instead, select the appropriate owner fields and the desired frequency, and click create.