Engagio can categorize your engagement minutes into "Sales" vs. "Marketing" minutes or any other type of category you can imagine.

This article is a long one, but a good one as these categorizations can be used across our entire application.

Part 1: Activity Fields

  • Navigate to the Activity Fields section in the Admin section
  • By default, we've created a "Sales Engagement vs. Marketing Engagement" activity field. This has three categorizations (sales engagement, marketing engagement, and none--which is always an option by default). You cannot delete the Sales Engagement vs. Marketing Engagement field for now, but you can add additional values for categorization.
  • Say you want to create a new activity field to categorize activities and minutes against. EASY. Simply give the field a name, and then add the values you want to categorize against. Keep in mind that the same activity / minutes can be categorized against multiple activity fields--and none of this will in anyway change your data. It will only allow you to change the way you view the data (and you can always go back and forth).

Part 2: Engagement Minutes

  • Great, now you have activity fields--so what do I do with that? Head over to the Engagement Minutes section in PlayMaker to take some action (the upcoming action is only available in PlayMaker UI, FYI).
  • You'll see that the activity fields that you created earlier appear as columns on the right-hand side. If you click on the drop-down, you will see options for the values you added to categorize each activity (and the respective engagement minutes).
  • IMPORTANT EXAMPLE: Here you see the column for the default Sales Engagement vs. Marketing Engagement activity field that Engagio created for you--the drop-down will include the sales, marketing, and none (remember that none will always be an option) values for categorization. For everyone's benefit, Engagio smartly went through activities for sales and marketing and automatically categorized a majority of this. You should go through and review what was done by Engagio to change and match your company's needs.
  • The more activity fields you add, the more columns will be added here, and the more categorization you can do. As mentioned before, you can categorize each activity and their respective minutes an unlimited number of times if you choose.

Part 3: Analytics

  • We're not done yet. So now you've created a new activity field, categorized your engagement minutes, and then... you want to see where your hard work paid off.
  • Head over to Analytics > Engagement. In the top filter, select a field (e.g. Sales Engagement vs. Marketing Engagement), select an operator (e.g. equals), and a value (e.g. Marketing Engagement). Once applied, instead of seeing your total engagement, you will now only see only the engagement that has been categorized as "Marketing Engagement" in this view.
  • So you want other people to see this, too, huh? Create a Saved Filter using these settings and share it with your team.


Part 4: Filter Creation and Default Filter

  • Engagio has created a "Engagio Marketing Engagement Filter" that follows the rules in the example above. Based on overwhelming feedback, users want to only see marketing driven engagement (essentially inbound) isolated instead of combined with sales driven engagement (essentially outbound). We will be pushing out this filter by default to all users who have not previously selected a default filter.
  • If you want to change your default filter view or remove the filter view altogether, you can do so from the "Profile Info" section in the PlayMaker UI.


Part 5: Writing Custom Data Back to Salesforce

  • In addition to filters, engagement categorization can also be used for another powerful purpose--creating custom Engagio data that can be written back to Salesforce. Simply create a SFDC Custom Field narrowing down data with the "Only Include Activities Where" function to add activity fields you have created and categorized against.
  • If you need help creating Salesforce Custom Fields, get help here.


Part 6: Marketing Qualified Account Rules

  • There's even more--you can use categorized activity fields as part of your MQA definitions. Create your MQA Rule as usual. After setting minute thresholds, as usual, you can choose to "Only Include Minutes Where" function to add activity fields you have created and categorized against.
  • If you need help creating setting MQA rules, read more here.