Dash allows you to fine-tune exactly which Activities should count in attribution calculations and which should be ignored entirely.

For example, you might have activities tracked with minutes in Engagio for things like "Tasks" so you can see the activity in Engagio, but it is reasonable to then not want to give these activities attribution credit. Another common example is canceled meetings - you may want to see the activity occurred when reviewing your engagement data in Engagio, but you don't want to assign any positive scoring in attribution for this activity.

Every customer has a unique set of criteria based on how you score Engagio activities - and based on how you intend to use Dash.

As a result, you can configure Dash to exclude Activities from attribution based on the following categories of criteria:

  • Attribution Where Clause
    • If you still want to have certain activities populate in Salesforce/Dash, but control which types of activities are included in attribution, you would adjust the criteria in this field under the configuration record:
      For example, if you want to filter out a specific type of activity, you would enter: p2s_base1__Activity_ActivityType__c != 'Task'
      If you click save, this filter will apply moving forward in time. If you want to recalculate attribution including this filter for all time, follow our how-to on recalculating attribution here.
      If you need assistance, email support@engagio.com.
  • API Level Filtering (Advanced)
    • This is where you would filter out activities from being populated in the Engagio Activity Table in Salesforce. This is typically configured by a Dash specialist. Please email support@engagio.com for assistance.