Engagio Dash is a 100% native Salesforce app, which means that it resides entirely within the confines of your Salesforce instance.

This means all data is stored within Salesforce while the app and its data can be customized, automated and reported upon using the same Salesforce tools that you are used to (such as workflow rules, dashboards, new fields, etc.).

Security and Privacy

  • All of your data remains yours and stays within Salesforce (unless you export it of course). It is not sent or stored on an outside server nor does data enter from external servers, which may be the case with a non-native application.
  • Engagio Dash conforms with the same security settings and sharing rules that you have already created within Salesforce.


  • Since native apps reside 100% within Salesforce they will always be up and running when Salesforce is running.
  • Engagio Dash follows http://trust.salesforce.com/ policies and best practices.


  • Dash can be customized to your needs by adding new fields, workflow rules, etc.

Easy Integration With Other Apps

  • Dash can be enhanced by integrating with other applications that use the Salesforce platform.

Lightning Ready

  • Dash uses the Salesforce user-interface (page layouts, etc) and therefore looks great in both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning modes.