What we Sync

Engagio synchronizes data from Marketo on a nightly basis to detect:

  • New leads
  • New activities (email opens, web page visits, form fills, program successes, etc.)
  • Updates to fields of existing leads. 

When we Sync

We sync with Marketo nightly (pacific time). 

How we Sync

We always sync all new leads and new activities first, then queue updated leads. The updated leads sometimes will take several days to sync (to limit API quota usage).

Engagio will stop making Marketo API calls for the day once your total number of calls reaches the limit set in the Data Synchronization page within your Admin Settings. For example, if your limit is 20,000, Engagio may make 12,000 calls while other apps make 8,000. At that point Engagio would stop making API calls, seeing that the limit has been reached. This is designed as a safety measure, where we deprioritize our sync to ensure that we never push you over your limit. Note that additional calls will be picked back up during the next sync. 

Too many API Calls?

The Marketo API makes it difficult to filter out updates on specific fields - just the record being updated is enough for it to show up in the list when we make an API call. 

If our usage of Marketo's API is causing problems, we can adjust the threshold where we stop making Marketo API calls -  We'll be able to lower the threshold to leave more calls available for other apps, and we can also schedule our job to run towards the end of the day rather than at the beginning. 

Identifying Marketo's API Quota Usage

Engagio makes two types of calls to Marketo, one using their "SOAP" integration and another using their REST API.

To see how different apps are using your Marketo quota, including us, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin → Integration → Web Services

Step 2: Click on the number of calls made in the last 7 days, it's actually a link to a popup.  

Step 3: Don't forget, we will have two different entries in this table since we use two different API services Marketo offers.