The SalesLoft action in Engagio helps you assign a Cadence to a SalesLoft user to run against a prospect. 

This integration allows you to easily manage assigning and running Cadences from within Engagio without the need for a SalesLoft user to sign-into Salesloft--letting each team use the most comfortable workflow.

Setting Up SalesLoft in Engagio

SalesLoft has two components:

A tenant-level integration that an admin will need to set-up.

  1. Go to Settings > Engagio-Wide Settings > Integrations. 
  2. Click on the "Create Data Source" button and select SalesLoft.
  3. Confirm "Is Active" toggle is turned on and click the "Save" button.
  4. If desired, toggle on the "Automatically create people" option to automatically create new people when they are added to a Cadence in SalesLoft. When disabled, only Leads and Contacts who already exist in SalesLoft will be added a Cadence.

A user-level integration that users who take the action of adding people to a SalesLoft Cadence will need to set up.

  1. Go to Settings > My Profile > Connected Accounts.
  2. Click on the "Connect" button for SalesLoft which will give you a pop-up.
  3. Select "Connect Account" and you will be redirected to authorize your SalesLoft account.
  4. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation that you can close out.

After connecting, you will have the option to toggle the "Require Approval" for the specific user account.

Important Notes About Set-Up:

  • Individual users do need to connect their SalesLoft account to use the Add to SalesLoft Cadence action. 
  • There is no need to have SalesLoft users who will only be assignees to have an Engagio account.

Executing the SalesLoft Action in Engagio

This action's purpose is to assign a Cadence to a SalesLoft user to run.

1. Select a Prospect ("To") from the dropdown.

2. Select a "SalesLoft Assigner" from the dropdown. The user can be any SalesLoft user that has connected their account into Engagio, including yourself.  The selected user here will determine which Assignees and Cadences you will be able to see and select.

3. Select a "SalesLoft Assignee" from the dropdown. The assignees shown are determined by the SalesLoft user selected earlier and who they can assign to.  You are able to assign to yourself, as well.

3. Select a "Cadence" from the dropdown.  The Cadences shown are determined by the SalesLoft user selected earlier and which Cadences they have access to.

  • Team Cadences are available for all.
  • You can only view, access, and assign Private Cadences when the selected SalesLoft User and Assignee are the same person.  See Common Errors for what can happen here.

4. An "Approver" is optional and will only appear if toggled on under Connected Accounts (see set-up).

The prospect will be added to the appropriate Cadence immediately following the execution of the action and will be visible in the assignee's SalesLoft Cadence dashboard.

Important Notes About SalesLoft:

If a prospect is already being targeted in another Sequence, you will see an error stating so in the Action History page and Engagio will not be able to complete the action.

Common Errors:

  • "Invalid entry selected for Cadence given selection in Salesloft User" - This will occur prior to action execution when you try to assign a Private Cadence to a user that doesn't have access.
  • "Cadence is not owned by the provided user and is not a Team Cadence" - This will occur at action execution when you try to assign a Private Cadence to a user that doesn't have access.