The Outreach action in Engagio helps you assign a Sequence to an Outreach user to run against a prospect.  This integration allows you to easily manage assigning and running Sequences from within Engagio without the need for an Outreach user to sign-into Engagio--letting each team use the most comfortable workflow.

Setting Up Outreach in Engagio

On the Outreach side

You will need to contact Outreach's platform team to complete the set up the Engagio integration.

Send an email to with the following template.


We are looking to integrate Engagio with Outreach. I'd like to request a Client Id and Secret for this integration. Please set to the redirect URL for this integration to be ""

Engagio hosts clients separately so I need a Client Id and Secret specific to our instance to be generated. Please create a new API application with new credentials specific to our instance.

If you need anything else to complete this setup, let me know and feel free to cc as needed.

Thank you

On the Engagio side

Outreach is a tenant-level integration which an admin will need to set-up.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Integration.
  2. Click on the "Create Data Source" button and select Outreach.
  3. Enter the Client Id and Secret received in the steps above
  4. Click "Save"

Important Notes About Set-Up:

We recommend that you log-in with an admin-level Outreach account.  Outreach does not differentiate between shared and private Sequences via their API, but admins have access to all Sequences which will mitigate any Sequence restrictions.

When setting up the integration there is an option to automatically create new people in Outreach when they are added to a Sequence. When disabled, only Leads and Contact who already exist in Outreach will be added to a Sequence.

Executing the Outreach Action in Engagio

This action's purpose is to assign a Sequence to an Outreach user.

1. Select a prospect to add to a Sequence.

2. Click the "Take Action" button and Select Outreach. 

3. Select an Assignee from the dropdown.  The Assignee can be any Outreach user including yourself.

4. Select a Sequence from the dropdown.  You can use any Team Sequences from this dropdown menu.

The Prospect will be added to the appropriate Sequence immediately following the execution of the action.

Important Notes About Outreach:

If a prospect is already being targeted in another Sequence, you will see an error stating so in the Action History and the Engagio will not be able to complete the action.