What are Quick Cards?

Quick Cards are customizable deep links that show up on your Account List and Account dashboards. They take users to a customized view you set up and control. 

After applying filters, adding columns, and changing things around on a particular page, Engagio Admins can now save all of those changes to a quick card everyone in your instance can access.

đź’° This a big deal for your users, instead of having to hunt for the right insights and filters, you can surface them immediately on their Dashboard. 

Where do Quick Cards show up?

Quick Cards show up on the Account List Dashboard and the Account Dashboard page.

Configure Default Views in Admin to customize Quick Cards differently for different members of your team.

Configuring Quick Card Captions

For Engagio Admins, from your Account List Dashboard or Account Dashboard, click the button in the top right side of the screen with 3 vertical dots and click Edit Quick Cards.

There will always be eight cards in three sections, but you can completely customize what is in each section and how each card/section is captioned. You can also get additional sections through Default Views, which can be used to configure different sets of Quick cards to deliver the most relevant information to each team member.

Adding and Replacing Quick Cards

Any Accounts, People, Engagement, or Program Impact page can become a Quick Card. 

Adding or changing Quick Cards is an Admin Only feature.

Step 1: Customize the Page you'd like to save

To add a new Quick Card, head to the page you want to make a Quick Card.

Apply some filters, edit or sort the columns in the table, and make it just how you'd want to save it.

Step 2: Save View as Quick Card

Once you have the page set up, click the 3 dots in the top right hand side of the page and click Edit Quick Cards

Step 3: Replace an Existing Card

So things don't get cluttered, Engagio limits you to 8 Quick Cards per Account List and 4 Quick Cards per Account. When you make a new Quick Card, you must replace one of the existing cards.

Give your new card a Description and then click on the Card you'd like to replace.

Good to know:

Account List vs. Account Quick Cards
To change Account List Quick Cards, you need to save an Account List related page as a Quick Card. To save Account Quick Cards, you need to be on an individual Account page.

The number of Quick Cards is Set
You're limited to 8 Quick Cards for Account Lists and 4 Quick Cards for Accounts.

Admin Only
Managing Quick Cards is an Admin Only feature. All users can see and leverage Quick Cards, but only Admins can edit or manage them.