When you see a great looking account or person in Engagio, you no longer need to leave the page you're on to take an action, simply click the Take Action button above the table.

Where Actions can be taken

Anywhere you see a list of accounts or people, you can select the records you'd like to be included, then click the Take Action button. 

When looking at a specific account or person on the right-hand sidebar, there's also a Take Action button.

Actions that can be taken

Engagio Actions

Add to List - Adds selected accounts to a static account list.
Remove from List - Remove selected accounts from a static account list.

Partner Actions

Salesloft - Add up to 100 people to a Salesloft Cadence
Outreach - Add up to 100 people to an Outreach Sequence
Marketo Program - Add people to a Marketo program

You must set up an Integration with each of the Partners you'd like to leverage actions for on our standard Integrations page. Salesloft also requires individual accounts to be connected in a user's Connected Accounts page.

Salesforce Actions

Change Account Data - Update an account field for selected accounts
Change Person Data - Update a contact or lead field for selected people
Create Task - Create a Task for up to 100 people or accounts to follow-up or record an action.
Add to Salesforce Campaign - Add up to 100 leads and contacts to a Salesforce Campaign

Insider Tip
If an action is greyed out, hover over the action to understand the reasons why it is greyed out.

Managing Action Permissions

Admin Users can manage which actions show up in the Take Action menu as well as who can leverage those actions. We have a whole article about managing Action Permissions.

Reviewing Action History

Once you take an action, we'll kick off a "job" that will go and complete the actions requested on your behalf. Users can view the Action History table to review the status of Actions as well as audit past actions.