What is it?

Any existing user in Engagio can now log in to Engagio with their Salesforce account provided that their email address in Engagio matches their Salesforce user's email address exactly.

Here's why you should care

Remembering passwords and login details can be tiresome and error prone. For users who primarily live and work out of Salesforce, signing into Engagio with their Salesforce account makes adoption that much easier. 

Once a user signs into Engagio with their Salesforce credentials, as long as they are logged into Salesforce, they should be logged into Engagio.

Easier Login => More Adoption => More Value! 🎉 

Do I need to do anything?

No, the ability to log in with a Salesforce account is turned on for all customers by default.

Users will need to give Salesforce permission to access their "Access your Basic Information" which contains their email address so we can match them to the corresponding Engagio user.

This authorization does not allow us to make any Salesforce updates or modify any data, only obtain the user's basic information to complete the log in flow.

Good to know:

Salesforce users who have our charts and insights added to their Account page layout will be prompted to log in with Salesforce by default.

You'll want to make sure any user who is seeing our charts and insights on their page layouts has a corresponding Engagio account.