If you're looking for a quick way to find relevant accounts, people, and engagement, the Quick Search bar is for you.

Above any table in the Engage application, a Search Bar will appear to filter the table view to that particular record.

Search Phrases

Searches are case-insensitive and do a partial text match. You can add multiple terms to the search box and exact matches are supported as well.

➤ Searching for Ben will return Benjamin

➤ Searching for ben also returns Benjamin

➤ Searching for Jim Pam returns both Jim and Pam

➤ Searching for Jim Manager returns both Jim and anyone with Manager in their job title.

➤ Searching for "Director of Marketing" in quotes will return people who have exactly "Director of Marketing" in their job title. (Still case-insensitive)

➤ Searching for "Director of Marketing" CMO will return people whose title contains CMO or Director of Marketing

What fields does it search against?

Each table view has a list of fields the Quick Search feature leverages.

Account Pages:
Engagement -> MQA
Engagement -> Awareness
Engagement -> Web Traffic

Fields Searchable on Account Pages:
Account Name

Person Pages:
People -> Newly Engaged
People -> Newly Added

Fields Searchable on People Pages:
Account Name
First Name
Last Name

Activity / Engagement Pages:

Fields Searchable on Activity Pages:
Account Name
First Name
Last Name
Category (Type / Channel of Activity)
Details (Name of Campaign, Email, Web Page, etc.)

Fields Searchable on Program Impact Page:
Type / Channel of Program
Program Name