Engagio captures a lot of digital activities including the URL of the link being clicked.

There are several types of Engagio Activities that capture the click URL:

  • Known Web Visits
  • Anonymous Web Visits
  • Clicks on Email Links
  • Form Fills

The URL string is captured in field "Web Page URL" and Engagio also automatically captures the full URL Parameter and parses it out into the 5 industry standard UTM fields:

  • UTM Source
  • UTM Campaign
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Content
  • UTM Term

You can find and review the values captured in these fields in the Engagement Activities table.

To find the UTM fields, just search for the term "UTM" in the additional columns:

In addition to the 5 UTM fields, Engagio also captures the full URL parameter in a field called "Web Page Query Parameters." This is helpful if you're looking to find any custom UTM fields that you might be using:

You can use UTM parameters just like any other Engagio Activity field.

You can filter engagement by them - ie "show me all Activities where UTM Source is not empty":

You can group engagement minutes by these fields as well: