Engagio captures a lot of digital activities including the URL of the link being clicked.

There are several types of Engagio Activities that capture the click URL:

  • Known Web Visits
  • Anonymous Web Visits
  • Clicks on Email Links

The URL string is captured in field "Web Page URL" and Engagio also automatically captures the full URL Parameter and parses it out into the 5 industry standard UTM fields:

  • UTM Source
  • UTM Campaign
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Content
  • UTM Term

You can find and review the values captured in these fields in the Engagement Activities table:

To find the UTM fields, just search for the term "UTM" in the additional columns:

In addition to the 5 UTM fields, Engagio also captures the full URL parameter in a field called "Web Page Query Parameters." This is helpful if you're looking to find any custom UTM fields that you might be using:

You can use UTM parameters just like any other Engagio Activity field.

You can filter engagement by them - ie "show me all Activities where UTM Source is not empty":

You can group engagement minutes by these fields as well: