Adding a saved filter is a quick way of adding a template of filters to your Selector.

When adding Saved Filters to a Selector, the available Saved Filters will be limited to the relevant filters based on the member type of the Selector you are adding it too.
i.e. If you are building a filter that is returning a list of accounts, then you will only be able to add saved filters that also return accounts.

After adding a Saved Filter to a Selector the Filter will copy all of the logic from the Saved Filter to the new Selector.

Be sure to verify the logic after adding a Saved Filter, the logic used in the Saved Filter may not match the current logic used in the rest of your Selector.

NOTE: If the original Saved Filter is modified over time (i.e. a new filter is added to the Selector), the Selector that you added the saved filter too will not update automatically to include any changes. For these use cases, use the “Matches Filter” filter, which behaves more like a member of list filter.