Layout - Configure what data will be included in the email the recipient receives.

  • Table Columns - Select the columns to include in the Report.
    Note: The order the columns are listed in (top to bottom) is the order they will be presented in the Report (right to left).
  • Sort By - Select a column or multiple columns to sort the Report by.
    Ex: Sort by “Owner Name” (ascending) followed by “Engagement Minutes (7 days)” (descending).

  • Max Rows - Maximum number of rows included in the email preview.
    Note: Report includes a link to view the full Report in Engagio and links to the People, Accounts, and Opportunities in Salesforce.

Selector - Use Selectors to find specific People, Accounts, Opportunities or Activities.

Details - Provides an overview of key information about the Report including:

  • Name - Name of the Report

  • Description - Add a description to give more details about the Report

  • Public - Make the Report visible to others within your organization

  • Member Type - Type of results the Report will return (i.e Person, Account, Opportunity, or Activity)

  • Report Type - Type of Report (i.e Batch Report or Real-Time Alert)

  • Owned By - Who the Report is owned by

  • Created By - Who the Report was created by

  • Created Date - When the Report was created

  • Last Modified By - Who was the last person to update the Report

  • Last Modified Date - When the Report was last updated

Preview Members - Preview the Report Subscription by combining the Selectors and Layout from the Report with a List to see the details that would be included in the email to a recipient.