Here's a rundown of the different tabs on the report page:

Report - This tab lets you preview the members of the report, so you can see what will be included to recipients in the email.

We preview the members of the report using the list selected in the top left-hand corner, and the selector defined in the selector tab.

Selector - You can use selectors to define the criteria of the report.

Layout - This is where you configure what data will be included in the email the recipient receives, and how it will be sorted.

  • Table Columns - Select the columns to include in the report.

    Note: The order the columns are listed in (top to bottom) is the order they will be presented in the report (right to left).

  • Sort By - Select one or more columns to sort the report by.

    Ex: Sort by “Owner Name” (ascending) followed by “Engagement Minutes (7 days)” (descending).

  • Max Rows - Set the maximum number of rows included in the email preview.

    Note: The report includes a link to view the full Report in Engagio and links to the People, Accounts, and Opportunities in Salesforce.

Subscriptions - Create and manage single list or personalized subscriptions, as well as send one-time reports.

Details - See key information about the report.

  • Name

  • Description

  • Public - This indicates whether the report is accessible by everyone in your organization

  • Member Type - Type of results the report will return (Account, Person, Opportunity, or Activity)

  • Report Type

  • Owned By 

  • Created By

  • Created Date

  • Last Modified By

  • Last Modified Date