We have created some out of the box filters to address some use cases that we think will help get you started! You can access these filters directly from within Orchestrator by selecting "Filters" and then searching by "System" owner.

Accounts with No Open Opportunities and No Sales Touches:
This is a good filter to apply to your Top Tier Account List. We hope that Top Tier Accounts will have active Sales Engagement and/or Open Opportunities, and this is a good way to figure out if they do!
Accounts with Open Opps:
It is wise to avoid over-communicating with accounts that have open opportunities. This is a good filter to use as a suppression list of Accounts for all of your Marketing Campaigns.

Accounts with No Engagement:

It is important to keep your target accounts engaged and to identify if they no longer are. You can apply this filter to your Top Tier Account list to get an idea of whether or not your target accounts have engaged with you in the past 3 months.

Account is MQA with No Sales Touches in the Past 14 Days:

When an account becomes an MQA, it is important for sales to keep the conversation going! You can use this filter for automated alerts that go to the Account Owner when accounts have become marketing qualified but have no sales touches in the past 2 weeks.

Accounts with Closed Lost Opportunity:

Reactivate accounts that you previously lost but may have a second chance! Use this filter to find accounts where you have lost an opportunity over 3 months ago but the account has shown recent engagement. They may be interested again!

Engaged People at Accounts with Closed Lost Opportunity Before 90 Days Ago with Recent Engagement:

Use this filter to find who the specific people are who have shown recent engagement at the accounts you found using the Accounts with Closed Lost Opportunity filter above.

Yesterday's Activity:
Ever wonder what the people at your target accounts were up to yesterday? Use this filter with a report to give sales access to the activity history from people at their target accounts, delivered directly to their inbox each morning to use as a starting point for each day. 

Yesterday's Marketing Activity:
Ever wonder what marketing is up to? Use this filter to give sales visibility into what marketing was up to yesterday with their accounts.