When assigning Engagement Minutes to activities in Marketo there is a risk of double counting activities when the Marketo Programs are synced with Salesforce campaigns. This is because a Marketo Program that is synced (at the program level) with a Salesforce campaign duplicates the membership data between the two systems.

So when a person becomes a member of the Marketo Program, that information lives in two databases:

  • In Marketo: Member of Program
  • In SFDC: Member of Salesforce Campaign

To prevent double counting minutes for Marketo Programs, Engagio sets the default preference for the Marketo activity. This means that the Engagement Minutes are defined and assigned to the Marketo Program instead of the Salesforce Campaign.

You can change the default preference for Marketo to instead assign the minutes to the synced Salesforce campaign by going to:

Engagio Settings > Engagio-Wide Setting > Company Settings > Engagement Minutes Assignment Preference:

By adjusting the preference to Salesforce, Engagio will assign Engagement Minutes to the Salesfoce Campaign that's synced with the Marketo Program instead.