Configurable Journeys enables you to go beyond the account funnel Engagio currently has by letting you customize each stage with your own criteria and add stages like "Customer", “Meeting”, “Recycled” or “Disqualified”:

With Customizable Journey you can:

  • Customize account journey stages to align with your business needs
  • Compare multiple account lists across stages in a single view
  • Understand how accounts in each list are trending over time
  • Calculate advanced metrics like Stage Velocity and Stage Conversion (%) Rates.

What Existing Features are Impacted?

Configurable Journey brings lots of new analytics to Engagio, but also replaces some existing functionality.

ABM Scorecard

The ABM Scorecard has been re-designed as Journeys Dashboard to allow for configurable stages, but should still be very familiar if you're used this page in the past:

Account List Snapshots

The Account List Snapshots feature has been replaced with an automatically historical Journey data instead. This means that you no longer have to add Account Lists to Snapshots and instead the historical data about which Account was in which Journey stage when will be calculated by Engagio.

MQA Page

The existing MQA Page is retired entirely, and is replaced by a new section in Engage called "Journey" which in turn has 3 more new pages:

New Journey Analytics Pages

  • Journey Summary Page
    • Shows which journey stage the accounts in account list are in right now. 
    • Example Question: "How many Accounts are in stage MQA right now?"
  • Volume Page
    • Shows the historical trends in how many accounts moved to which stages which a period of time. 
    • Example Question: "How many Accounts moved to MQA last Quarter?"
  • Velocity Page
    • Shows how long Accounts spent in each stage historically (in # of days).
    •  Example Question: "How long do Accounts spend in stage MQA?"
  • Conversion Page
    • Shows how Accounts are moving from one stage to the next in terms of their (%) conversion rates.
    • Example Questions: "What % of Accounts moved from MQA to next stage last year?"

Where and How MQA Rules Are Defined

Existing Engagio functionality allows you to configure the rules for the MQA Stage only. The new Journey Builder allows you to configure ALL stages of the Journey, including the MQA Stage.

The new Journey Builder is powered by Engagio's Selectors - which were built for maximum customizability.

When the Configurable Journey feature was activated in your Engagio, your existing custom MQA rules had been automatically migrated into a the MQA Stage in Journey Builder.

The Journey Builder will have the existing Engagio stages by default:

  • No Engagement
  • Aware
  • MQA
  • Open Opportunity

Get Started with Configuration:

To get started configuring your Engagio to take advantage of the new features, you should read:

  1. How to configure Journey Stages (and see examples from other customers)
  2. How to setup the new Journeys Dashboard