Release Notes

Cloning: Have a really cool filter template that you want to re-use without modifying the original? You can now easily clone filters directly from the filter menu! Cloning makes re-creating filters a breeze and can save tons of time since you no longer have to start from scratch. 

You can access the cloning feature from the menu on the filter:

Tokens: Tokens are here! You can now copy data from one field to another by using a token in Change Data Value Actions. 

Imagine you want to stamp the total engagement minutes for an account in a field for reporting when the an opportunity is opened. That is now possible with Change Data Value using tokens.

Usability Enhancements: Applied filters for different pages of Engage have been made more discoverable. Previously when a filter was applied to an Engage view, it was hidden, which often led customers to believe there was data missing. 

It is now much easier to recognize when filters have been applied.

Salesloft and Outreach Enhancements: You can now choose when adding someone to Outreach Sequence or Salesloft Cadence through "Take Action" to create them if they do not already exist in Outreach or Salesloft. 

This setting can be enabled by going to Admin>Integrations>Edit Outreach to enable for Outreach:

And for Salesloft Admin>Integrations>Edit Salesloft to enable for Salesloft:

Engagement Minutes Attribution: You can now calculate attribution by a new attribution model. Dash now offers a "Minutes Model" which is weighted by engagement minutes. In addition, you are able to slice and dice attribution data by activity attributes like sales vs. marketing engagement, UTM parameters, activity types, and more. To upgrade, please speak with your CSM about next steps.

Here is a sample of the "Minutes Model" attribution dashboard available with the upgrade:

UTM Attribution: UTM fields are now synced to Dash through the Engagio API. Out of the box, this include the utm_source, utm_medium, utm_contentm utm_campaign, and utm_term fields. Use these fields to report on pipeline or revenue attribution by utm field.