The Account Journey Builder is an admin feature that enables the configuration of journeys.

To get to the Journey Builder, go to Settings -> Journey -> Account Journey Builder.

Journey Stages

The Journey Builder shows the list of existing and active Journey Stages, and how many Accounts currently qualify for each stage:

Journey Stage Record

Clicking on the Journey Stage Name will take you to Journey Stage Record in Engagio.

The Journey Record consists of the following:

  • Journey Details - including the Name and Description
  • Journey List - the list of Accounts in this Journey Stage
  • Journey Selector - the technical criteria of the Journey Stage
Journey Stage Name

The Journey Stage Name is the name of the stage. We recommend keeping these names short and descriptive. It should be something that when your colleagues see it, they recognize what it is.

The Journey Name will be used throughout Journey Analytics to refer to the Journey Stage.

Journey Stage Description

The Journey Stage Description is a short text that explains what the stage is at a high level. We recommend writing something here that would be helpful to your colleagues who might want to know how the stage is defined without having to look at the Selectors directly.

Journey Stage Selectors (Criteria)

The Journey Stages are defined by Selectors.

Journey Stage Order

In addition to using Selectors, the Journey Builder also uses the Stage Order to decide which Account should be in which stage.

When deciding which Journey Stage an Account should belong to, Engagio will evaluate each of the Stages starting with the highest Order and going to the lowest.

Here's an example:

In example above, Engagio will first check whether an Account qualified for stage Customer because it has the highest Order. If the Account qualifies for Customer, then we're done - and the Account will have the Stage of Customer. If the Account doesn't qualify for the Stage of Customer, then we'll check the next stage of Open Opportunity, and so on.

The Stage Order forces each Account to only belong to one Stage, and it establishes the order with which the stages should be qualified by the Journey Builder.

Journey: Show in Analytics

Each stage has a toggle to Show in Analytics or not:

If you'd like your Journey Stage to show in the main Journey Chart, and be a part of the Account Funnel then you should set this to "Yes".

If it's a stage like Recycle, or Disqualified or another stage that you don't want as part of your funnel, but still need to have you can hide it and allow the user to toggle it to see it on the Configurable Journeys dashboard.

Set MQA Stage

The Set MQA Stage feature allows you to choose what journey stage should be considered the MQA stage. 

We will update the "MQA Date" field when an account enters this stage.