Editing the Journey Stages could have a large impact on the Journey Analytics and the rest of Engagio and therefore should be done deliberately and with care.

The Journey Builder has two modes:

  • Read-Only
  • Edit

By default the Journey Builder is in the read-only mode, which allows admins to review each stage and its selectors criteria without worrying that you might accidentally cause a system change.

Editing Journey Stages

To modify/add/delete Account Journey Stages, click on the Edit button in the Account Journey Builder:

Now you can make edits to existing stages or add new ones by clicking on the "Add New Stage" button. You can also reorder the existing stages by clicking on the "Reorder" button:

Publishing Journey Stage Changes

It's important to note that none of the changes in edit mode are committed to until the changes are published in the Account Journey Builder. Once the Account Journey Builder is published, all new changes are evaluated by Engagio and will impact Journey Analytics.