The Account Journeys Dashboard helps you measure how each segment of your business is performing across each stage of the Journey.

The Journey stages are customized using cross-object relationships leveraging data from accounts, people, opportunities, and activities. 

Monitor key ABM metrics including Pipeline, Revenue, Velocity, and Conversion.

The Journeys Dashboard is accessed via Engagio's main left navigation menu:

3 Different Views

The Journeys Dashboard has 3 different views based on user preference:

The view can be adjusted using the Dashboard View Toggle.

Elements of the Account Journeys Dashboard:
  1. Time Period Picklist
  2. Views Toggle (Bar Charts/Funnels/Compare)
  3. Hidden Stages Toggle
  4. Account List Picker
  5. Accounts by Journey Stage Chart
  6. Pipeline and Revenue KPI's
  7. Journey KPI's: Volume, Conversion and Velocity
  8. Accounts by Account List and Journey Stage Table