The Engagio AppExchange Package installed earlier adds a number of custom fields that you can add to standard Page Layouts within Salesforce. 

Getting to the Salesforce Page Layout Screen

Step 1: Within Salesforce Classic, click Setup in the top left of the page.

Step 2: In the left navigation area under Build, click to expand Customize

Step 3: Under Customize, click to expand the object you'd like to add fields to, for example, Leads.

Step 4: Under that object, click to expand Page Layouts

Step 5: Select the Edit link under the Action column

Step 6: In the Page Layout area (top of screen) you will see the available fields for your object.

When you mouse over each field, you will see that Engagio field names begin with "engagio."

Step 7: Drag each desired Engagio custom field into the Lead Layout screen below. You can place the field anywhere in the Lead Information area. Optional: Create a new Section in the Lead Page Layout for the Engagio fields by dragging the "Section" field into the page. You can then add fields to that section.

Step 8: When finished, click Save

❗ Step 9: Repeat these steps to add Engagio custom fields to the Contact and Account Page Layouts.The newly added fields will not populate with Matched Account data until Engagio has synchronized with Salesforce (nightly).

List of Fields to add for each object

Number of People
Engaged People
Web Traffic (3 mo.)
First Engagement Date
Engagement Minutes (3 mo.)
Engagement Minutes (7 days)
Engagio Status
MQA Date

First Engagement Date
Engagement Minutes (7 days)
Engagement Minutes (3 mo.)
Left Company

First Engagement Date
Engagement Minutes (7 days)
Engagement Minutes (3 mo.)
Left Company

Matched Account
Matched Account Annual Revenue
Matched Account Employees
Matched Account Engagement Mins (3 mo.)
Matched Account Engagement Mins (7 days)
Matched Account Engagio Status
Matched Account HQ State
Matched Account Industry
Matched Account Name
Matched Account Owner Name
Matched Account Type
Match Time

Add Matched Leads List to Accounts

Click the Related Lists menu (a few below Fields which you were just working out of), select Engagio Matched Leads and drag just above or below the Contacts list so that you can view the Account's Contacts and Engagio Matched Leads at a glance.

Optional: Follow our guide to add Engagement Minutes columns to the "Matched Leads" section above like the screenshot.

When do these fields populate?

These fields will populate during Engagio's nightly sync.

Up next:

- Update Page Layouts to include Visualforce!
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