If you're an Engagio Dash customer, you will need to modify your Dash settings in Salesforce to take full advantage of the Configurable Journeys in Engagio.

1) Create/Update Accounts Status Settings in Dash to mirror the new stages in Journey:

In Configurable Journeys, the rules controlling which Accounts qualify for each stage are housed in the Journey Builder in Engagio. As a result, Dash should be configured to mirror the stage movements recorded by Engagio. This data is populated in the "Engagio Status" field.

Here's an example of mapping the Account Status/Engagio Status field with Dash's Account Lifecycle Stage field:

To complete this step, create a new mapping for each Journey Stage and corresponding Account Lifecycle Stage in the Account Status Settings menu in Dash (located under the Configuration > Default record).

2) Update Opportunity Stage Settings

Next, make sure that in the Opportunity Stage Settings menu the field "Account Lifecycle Stage" is not mapped to any stages:

If there are values populated here, simply edit the Opportunity Stage mapping and change the "Account Lifecycle Stage" value to be empty.

3) Update Sequence in Lifecycle Stage Settings

The "Sequence" field in Dash's Lifecycle Stage Settings menu controls the flow of accounts through each lifecycle stage. Now that the Configurable Journey feature is doing that work, you should drop the sequence value to be the same number for all stages, like this:

To complete this step, edit each Account Stage mapping to have a sequence of "1" - you can leave the Opportunity Stage/Person Stage values sequenced as is if they are configured in your instance.

If you have any questions on these steps, please email support@engagio.com.