Using Engagio to change person data is a great way to operationalize time consuming data management tasks that companies go through when a person's account becomes MQA, when they are added to an Outreach Sequence or Salesloft Cadence, etc. Imagine you need to change a person's status to working when they are added to an Outreach Sequence or Salesloft Cadence. This can be automated through automations.

The first step is to add the Change Person Data action to your Automation. Navigate to the action tab of the automation you are creating and click Add Action:

Choose Change Person Data and click Create:

Choose an Person Field--this is the field that you are changing--and choose the New Field Value--this is the value that you will be changing the selected Person Field to:

Note: the option for what you are able to insert into the new field will vary depending on the field type. i.e. Boolean Fields will be True/False where as picklist fields will have all of the potential values of the picklist.

 That’s it! Now when your automation is run, the selected Person Field will be changed for any person who qualifies for the automation.

Note: these data values are being changed in the CRM and will not be reflected in Engagio until your next sync occurs.