Using Change Data Values in an automation is a really great way to store a point in time value in another field on a person or account. Tokens make this possible by allowing you to write the value from one field on the Lead/Contact or Account to another Lead/Contact or Account Field. Let's say you want to know to store what the total number of engagement minutes are on an account when a new business opportunity is opened. Or say you want to store the date and time an account is moved to the "Working" status. All of this is possible with tokens.

The first step is to add the Change Person Data or Change Account Data action to your Automation. Navigate to the action tab of the automation you are creating and click Add Action: 

Choose Change Person Data or Change Account Data and click Save:

Choose field you would like to change for Lead/Contact Field, choose the Token option and select a New Field Value for what you would like to change the selected Lead/Contact Field to and click Save:

That’s it! Now when your automation is run, any time a person qualifies for the automation the selected value for Lead/Contact Field will be changed to what you selected for the New Field Value

There are some rules you need to be aware of when using tokens in change data values. The field that you are writing to:

  • Cannot be Marketing Automation only Field
  • Has to be editable by the Engagio sync user
  • Is a person field, you can only select person fields
  • Is an account field, you can only select account fields
  • Cannot be MULTI-PICKLIST or FORMULA type
  • Must be active in Engagio
  • Cannot be the same as the one you chose to change
  • Must be of the same type, or capable of accepting that type i.e. String fields can be changed to a value from a date field, or an integer field where as date fields can only be changed to a date field value.