After you have set up your Selector, defined your Actions, it is time to schedule your automation. The Schedule tab has 3 main sections: Run Time, Set to Effect, and Qualification Rules.

In this article we will talk about the Schedule Run selection.

You have 3 options when scheduling your Automation. When you select Schedule Run, you will need to choose a date and time in the future for your automation to run. 

To schedule a run in the future for your automation, navigate to the Schedule tab and click Schedule Run.

Next, you must choose a date and time for the automation to run. You can click Cancel if you no longer want to schedule a run for your automation, or click Save to confirm the future date and time.

Notice that there is now an Upcoming Run in the Up Coming Runs section of the Schedule tab.

Note: you can add additional runs to the same automation by following the steps above starting with clicking Schedule Run.

The last step is you must Activate your automaton. This is an important step. Even though you have set a Scheduled Run, the automation will not run at the scheduled date and time until it is Activated.

Learn more about how to Activate your Automation here.